Reach Out to New Clients with Video Calling Cards

A calling card is a message sent by an individual or business to reach out to potential clients. Traditionally, calling cards consist of text and possibly a small picture. Although calling cards can be surely be an effective way to expand your clientele, they can be made significantly more compelling through the use of video. Video is a powerful medium that allows your customers to see your face and hear your voice, thereby creating the feeling that they are actually speaking with you. The popularity of YouTube and other video aggregation sites demonstrate that people love watching videos because they are fun and interactive. Video is also the best medium to establish credibility with people that you have not yet met in person.

Video could easily be incorporated into calling cards sent via email, or even onto physical cards through a printed URL or QR code (as discussed in the previous post). In your video, you could include on-the-job footage, or even a customer testimonial. For example, if you own a painting company, you could include a scene featuring your team painting a house and interacting with a customer. Afterwards, you could record that customer speaking about the great experience she had with your company. Potential clients will instantly see that your business is competent and trustworthy.

If you believe that a video calling card could be beneficial to your business, you need to make sure that your video is of the highest quality. A thoughtfully scripted and professionally produced video will always achieve better results than a video that is hastily put together by someone without the proper equipment and experience. Skillman Video Group can handle all the details of your video calling card, from brainstorming ideas, to scripting, to lighting. Look through our portfolio to see some of the amazing videos we have produced for our clients. Contact Skillman Video Group today to get started!