SVG does Video Editing for Client Testimonial Videos!

Video editors are awesomeA long time client of SVG, TimePayment Corporation, recently hired  SVG to edit a backlog of client testimonials for their site relaunch in the spring of 2014.  In early 2013, TPC hired Skillman Video Group to consult with them on new video production equipment so they could shoot their own client testimonial videos while at trade shows or client visits around the country.  SVG’s Boston video producers carefully researched their needs and then proposed a customized list of HD video equipment including lights, DSLR Cameras, and audio equipment.  The SVG team of consultants also offered in-house corporate training on use of their new equipment and were available for calls or additional consultation once the marketing team of  TPC was out shooting on their own.

TPC was so successful at shooting client testimonials that they found themselves with a backlog of video footage waiting to be edited and published.  With the deadline looming for a new site relaunch, they turned once again to the skilled Boston video editors of Skillman Video Group. Within a matter of days we had edited down hours of video footage to 7 individual 1-minute+ client testimonial videos with graphics, music and b-roll.  Professional video editing relies on more than just knowledge of different editing systems and softwares (although that certainly plays a big role) but also on an innate ability to find “the story” in what is often jumbled up raw footage then slowly and surely piece together a concise yet powerful message.  And we need to repeat that process over and over, fine tuning and fine tuning, adding b-roll, music and graphics….….until the work is complete.  A key advantage to working with professionals for TPC’s video content, was that we were able to complete this process in a matter of days vs weeks.  So for  our corporate clients that often have tight deadlines, this is a huge benefit, and a big reason why they turn to us.  When quality AND speed is what the projects need, we at SVG are able to deliver.

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