Video for Home Improvement Companies

Skillman Video Group has worked with home improvement companies such as Kitchen and Countertop Center of New England and ProWindows and Renovations. Home improvement companies use video for a number of reasons. Whether you wish to market your company, highlight a service, introduce or explain a new product (or more), video is an important tool in your marketing and advertising arsenal.

On-location filming for a ProWindows Installation Demonstration video

On-location filming for a ProWindows Installation Demonstration video

A marketing video can highlight your services and condense all pertinent information into one concise, carefully crafted message. Unlike plain text, video is an engaging and interactive medium that captivates casual web visitors and keeps them on your site longer. Video can capture the actual footage from a home improvement job showing potential clients the step-by-step process for renovations. Showing viewers your process through video lends credibility to your company, which in turn makes them trust and, most importantly, be more likely to hire you. SVG does on-location shooting, meaning we can film your company at work at any location (not just a studio or show room).

Each video Skillman Video Group produces is made in conjunction with our client; we work from the beginning to ensure the product we create is the best possible. From brainstorming, scripting, coaching the talent, perfecting the scenery and editing it into one seamless piece, Skillman Video Group covers it all, using high-end High Definition cameras, lighting and editing technology. If you are considering a video for your home improvement company, please contact Skillman Video Group today to learn more.