Video marketing with Youtube analytics

Video marketing is the spearpoint of the modern advertising campaign. It’s fast, engaging, and reaches the audience where they live. Video hosting sites like Youtube provide a powerful tool in the form of data collected from viewers of your video marketing content. Understanding what to look for in the analytical information is critical to gauging success of your video marketing strategy.  Below are some helpful hints on how to use YouTube analytics as part of your overall content marketing strategy.

Check your demographics

Anyone watching Youtube logged into their account has probably already given Google all their basic demographic information. Youtube offers you a slice of what they know when you enter the analytic page. You can track age, race, gender, and geography. It’s a simple way to find out who you are reaching.

Watch your view retention graph

Youtube viewer retention graph

The retention graph gives you the opportunity to see how long the attention of your viewers really lasts. It helps you know if what you are doing is holding their interest. Spikes can indicate points of interest or confusion. These metrics can shape your approach to future video marketing.

Track subscription reports

A user that subscribes to your channel has offered you a fast lane into their daily life. Knowing what content lands you that trust is important. Subscription reports tells you how many people hit the subscribe button, and what they were watching when they hit it.

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