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Marketing is all about forming a relationship with your customers. Now, more than ever, people want to do business with people – they don’t want to buy into a faceless brand. Emotional connection, on top of your brand’s expertise and excellence, is paramount to garnering new business. Video is the best way to start forming that emotional connection with your brand, shy of actually being there in person – human connection is literally built into the technology. 

The Sales Funnel: Know-Like-Trust

You can think of the process of someone becoming your customer in terms of a “sales funnel,” with increasingly pointed information adding to knowledge and awareness before that person decides to buy from you. Before someone becomes your customer, they need to know you, like you, and trust you. Video is the best tool to form that connection. 

The “know-like-trust” philosophy is a variation upon the three pillars of classical rhetoric – logos, pathos, and ethos – which, in combination, effectively address all aspects of customer or audience psychology. Logos uses facts and logic to build an argument, pathos appeals to emotion, and ethos is the establishment of credibility. In terms of the sales funnel, “trust,” corresponds to ethos, videos in the “know” category will often use logos as a primary tool of persuasion, and “like” videos will often address pathos (company value videos, for instance). In video, pathos is also often developed simply through a human voice telling a story!

When someone begins the process of becoming your customer, they will funnel through the three levels of “know-like-trust,” ideally first encountering videos in the “know” category, such as the brand video, and will then use your online platform to further learn about the company. In a well-constructed video marketing campaign, each video will answer another question in your prospect’s head, with each piece of content getting them one step further towards becoming your customer. 

Knowing You

The first level, “know,” answers the questions, “Who are you?” What problem do you solve?” and “Why should I care?”

Brand Videos are focused on answering these three questions. Brand videos focus on capturing the core identity, or “soul” of a company. Because brand videos are often the first level of interaction that a prospect might have with business, we take care to ensure that they hit on every major aspect of that business and are sculpted for that brand’s target audience. 

Social Media Videos  keep your audience updated on a day-to-day basis about you and the goings-ons of your company. Usually more casual in form, social media videos are a great place to help your audience to get to know you and relate on a personal level while keeping periodically aware of your brand. 

Explainer Videos are usually simple, animated videos that explain the nature of a product or service. They’re especially useful for innovative or unique products that most consumers might not be familiar with – animation and motion graphics illustrate abstract concepts that would otherwise be difficult to portray in live-action video. These videos help users understand how the product works and why it might benefit them.

Liking You

The second level, “like,” answers the questions, “Do I like you?” What do you offer?” and “Why should I buy from you?”

Product Demos are similar to explainer videos, but focus on a live-action demonstration of a physical product. Potential customers want to know that if they’re purchasing a product, that it works, and this video is the place to prove that it does, as well as highlight key features and innovative mechanisms.

Culture/Company Values Videos share the core values of your company. When your prospect shares those same values – say sustainability, or inclusion – they will be more likely to contact you when they have a need your company could potentially fill. 

Product Videos showcase a unique or innovative product. Every good product fills a niche by solving a particular problem (or multiple). A product video explains what that problem is and how the product addresses it. By answering these questions, this type of video helps the audience understand the product and determine how it could help them.

Trusting You

The third level, “trust,” answers the questions, “Are you an expert?” “Can you help me?” And have others had success?”

Client Testimonials & Success Stories are a great place to show off how your product helps your clients and customers. As opposed to the more abstract nature of other video content, this video specifically tells the story of one client who loves the work you do. This is a great way of establishing trust and proving that your company is experienced and reliable.

Case Study Videos can feature a client speaking about the success of a product. However, rather than the more qualitative descriptions of client te stimonials, these videos focus on the successful implementation of a product or service itself. In case study videos, the company also has the leeway to discuss the case themself. This type of videos also help to establish credibility through demonstration of proven results. 

If your prospect decides that they know, like, and trust you enough, they will buy from you. The web and your website is the backdrop for these marketing videos, and if well-strategized, your video will lead your prospects from video to video, ultimately leading to a sale. 

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