Video Production Boston 2016

Frank Sinatra made the saying “If I can make it there [New York] I can make it anywhere” famous, but now nearly 40 years later Boston is quickly becoming the place to “make it.” With large companies, like GE, and small businesses moving into the area there is no doubt that Boston is the place to be. Yes, Boston has the Bruins, Tom Brady and the Patriots, and of course the Red Sox, but there are other teams that are just as important. Video production teams in Boston are continuously growing and are one of the most competitive markets throughout New England. As more companies move into the area, video production companies look to take advantage.

Boston is the Best!

Recently, Skillman Video Group had a client from Washington D.C who hired us for a documentary style shoot in Cambridge, Mass. Although this company has many locations throughout the U.S, they chose to film in Boston. Some may wonder what is so appealing about the area, and why companies chose to do video production in Boston. Though the city may seem cramped with little parking and walking room, the spaces of Boston are varied and beautiful. With Boston video production companies growing, more are investing in building spaces for their client’s video shoots. However, the main reason why more companies chose to do video production in Boston is because this is where everything is happening. In other words, this is where businesses are growing and companies are expanding.

Film Tax Credit

As Boston has transformed into the place for video production, students and schools around the area have recognized its potential not only for video production but also for film. With over fifty art schools located in and around Boston, there is no doubt that video production is becoming one of the main attractions. One area of concern for video production Boston, and especially for film is the Massachusetts film tax credit. The film tax credit is tax incentives for filmmakers who spend more than $50,000 in Massachusetts. The incentives include 25% production credit, 25% payroll credit, and sales tax exemption. Although this does not directly concern video production and video marketing companies as much, it could greatly affect popularity of Boston films and video shoots. This could overall damage the booming arts and video industry in Boston. Nevertheless, the tax credit stays in tact for now.

Boston is our Playground

Video production BostonLike any business, the realm of video production is competitive and in order to stay relevant SVG uses Boston as their backdrop and playground for video shoots. Whether filming in the North shore or the South side of Boston, video production locations are easily found with the rich Boston history providing us with visually effective buildings and landscapes.

New York may have been the place to make it 40 years ago, but video production Boston is the place to make it now, and with Boston as our backdrop we are making it at SVG.

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