Thought Leadership Video Production Shoot

Thought Leadership Videos for Consulting Firms

Carlisle & Co. is a consulting firm for after sales in the automotive industry. They work to provide strategic guidance and tactical solutions for many of the biggest car manufacturers in the world. Carlisle had yet to implement much of any marketing over the years; it never seemed necessary until now. We were very happy when they reached out to us for their video shoot.

Video marketing will help you get the best bang for your buck, especially for consulting firms. Carlisle came to us due to our previous work with consulting firms, and our presence in the thought leadership space. Before the shoot date we like to have a discovery meeting. This is a service that helps Skillman Video Group stand out from the other Boston video production companies. These meetings allow us to talk to everyone that is going to be in the video, and make sure they will be prepared by the shoot date. We like for the clients to be prepared but not overly prepared to the point they do not appear natural, so it is important everyone is on the same page with the Video Production strategy.

Video production prep for interview

Crew Arrival and Set-up for the Shoot

When we first arrived, we unpacked all our equipment into the office they had designated for shooting. We wanted to get the most out of the one room because we had five different interviews to shoot in the office. Once we were in the office and unpacked our Boston Videographer, Jake, and Production Assistant, Kristen, worked to get everything assembled and positioned correctly. We used the three-point lighting for each shoot, because it is the best for interviews. We had three lights, the microphone and broomstick, plus the camera and tripod.

Conducting the Thought Leadership Interviews

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The interviews went very smooth. With each change of interviewee, we made sure to change the background so that it would all be different in the Video. Another thing we made sure of when positioning the interviewee was that the interviewer was on a different side each time. Just like the background, we did not want the interviewees to be all looking the same way in each shot.

Our first thought leadership interview was discussing online sales. Christina, who did all of the interviews, asked about the threats that might come to OEMs and Tier 1 Supplier with the rise of Amazon in the industry for service and parts.Our second interviewee was speaking about the advancements of 3D printing and how it can be used in the manufacturing of car parts. Our third interviewee, focused on the topic of Mobility and autonomous vehicles becoming more prevalent in the world today. Our fourth and fifth interviewees were asked questions that would be designated for the brand video. In total we would make four videos out of the video production B-roll in officeinterviews that we took. There will be three thought leadership videos and a brand video. Each interview had great content, and each interviewee spoke clearly and confidently.

Shooting Supplementary Footage (B-Roll)

After we had completed the interviews, and before completely disassembling all of our equipment, we started preparing for B-roll shots. Jake, our Boston Videographer, switched to his steady camera to help get the best angle for the different shots. The steady cam really makes a difference for moving shots. The B-roll shots were of typical office activities. We shot a meeting in the conference room, people working on computers, discussing paperwork and graphs, walking through the hallway, the office sign, and a friendly game of ping pong.

We learned a lot about the automotive industry as well as Carlisle & Company during our shoot. We got plenty of great content for the production of their thought leadership videos. The final videos will make good thought leadership marketing.

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