Video Shoot for MIT Enterprise Forum

On December 17th, 2012, the MIT Enterprise Forum held its annual NFC Circle in Cambridge, MA, and SVG was invited back for the second consecutive year to capture it live on video. In keeping with its mission to encourage entrepreneurship, the Forum holds   frequent events for networking, investors, and entrepreneurs.  They hired SVG twice to produce a promotional video of their major annual event, which to be placed on their website to show their visitors how powerfully they serve their community.
That night SVG’s customer service style was in full swing.  How?
1. PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCE:  Without a hitch our cameras and crew recorded the major speakers, shot close-ups of people networking, and interviewed 5 to 6 key principals.  We had to set up in multiple locations—in a pub, in the lobby, in the lecture hall— while adjusting the lighting and sound everywhere we went.   In one day, with one crew, SVG produced a video that does what only video can do–visually present the event, its participants, and its purpose with accuracy and vitality.
2. LASTING RELATIONSHIPS:  SVG prides itself in lasting customer relationships, and the advantages were very evident throughout the production of this video.  When we showed up that night we already knew and understood the NFC Circle’s mission, and what visual messages and images were important to them.  We were familiar with the main players, and knew what kind of shots, interviews, editing sequences, and video the Forum wanted.

Repetition can be boring, but not this kind.  Every time we serve a client for a second, third or fourth time, we receive a deeper insight into what they are trying to say through video, and then we put to work all of our professional skills and training to say it for them.  It just gets better and better…..If your business or non-profit sponsors an event or special promotion important to you, why not call SVG today and see if we can’t help you tell –or rather show–the world about it?  Skillman Video Group is a Boston Video Production Company. Call us anytime at 800-784-0140.