Video Tip: Don’t Gamble Post-Production

Video Tip: Don't Gamble Post-Production 1

A marathoner running a 26-mile race is constantly pacing for the finish line. All of the hard work eventually culminates in that final moment where one crosses the finish line.

Similarly, video production follows the same method.

A video production team has to envision and plan around the product. The misconception that a video is made as one goes along, although alluring and ‘magical’, is simply incorrect.

Instead, in order to reduce the risk of creating a badly executed video, there must be consistent and constant ‘looking ahead’ at a finished product.

Post-production is the phase of a production that connects all loose ends and converts raw footage into a series of patterns recognizable to others. However, there is so much room for error at this stage that it is frightening to gamble the success of a product on how well an editor can tie things together.

A good poker player would prefer not to wait for the ‘river card‘ to finally get a two-of-a-kind.

At Skillman Video Group, by the time we reach post-production on a project, we have already envisioned a clear message and a series of events along with our clients from day one!

The mentality is this: an hour of effort in the beginning is a week of work in the end.

Our clients are placed in the front seat of every production. SVG assists in every aspect necessary during the production so that the post-production is as simple and accurately planned as possible.

Yes, videography is an art, but it is also a science.

The recipe we offer our clients is always the same: success through clear communication of each process with a clear understanding of the ultimate outcome; a proper video and marketing product aimed precisely at the clients and their target audience.