Video Viewership Statistics Encourage Professional Video

There is an interesting article that appeared in the New York Times which discusses how long viewers of internet video remain on a particular video before clicking away.  Visible Measures, a company that provides statistics on the usage of internet media, conducted a study using data from 40 million videos and concluded that 19.4% of viewers abandon a video within 10 seconds while 44.1% move on after 60 seconds.

While there is strong evidence to suggest that internet video is a powerful medium for enhancing site content, the Visible Measures study would suggest that it is very important to create a video which attracts and holds the attention of its audience or risk losing its effectiveness.  Most businesses don’t have the knowledge or resources to create the caliber of video that can captivate the short attention spans of many internet users.

Skillman Video Group can produce a professional quality, high definition video to ensure that visitors to your website will remain focused with a better chance of being converted into customers.  Concise, informative, and captivating videos are also well suited for internet marketing through social media outlets.  The benefits of hiring professionals are multiple and include professional lighting, audio, as well as direction of on screen talent.  The trained professional video producers at Skillman Video Group also have years of experience in using the video medium to best communicate your company’s message: who are you?  What do you do?  And, how do you do it differently than everyone else?  When used in conjunction with our Social Video Marketing expertise, you are guaranteed to have a much higher return on investment than trying to create a video marketing campaign on your own.  Call today to learn more!