Enhancing Corporate Recruitment: Skillman Video Group’s Innovative Approach for TimePayment

Crafting the Perfect Recruitment Video


This week, Skillman Video Group (SVG), a renowned video production company, was bustling in Burlington, MA, at the headquarters of TimePayment, a nationwide leader in equipment leasing.

TimePayment commissioned SVG to create an innovative recruitment video aimed at attracting top-tier talent to their expanding team.

The Power of Video in Recruitment

In today’s competitive job market, recruitment videos serve as a crucial tool for businesses looking to attract and engage potential employees.

These videos go beyond simple job descriptions; they encapsulate the essence of a company’s culture, the dynamism of the workplace, and the spirit of the team.

For TimePayment, the goal was to create a video that not only informs but also inspires and resonates with prospective candidates.

Dynamic Shooting Strategies

The video shoot was dynamic and multifaceted, involving numerous setups to capture the diverse aspects of TimePayment’s operations.

The primary setup focused on in-depth interviews with key team members, shedding light on the company’s values and their personal experiences.

Another setup was dedicated to quick testimonials, providing snappy insights into the benefits of working at TimePayment.

Additionally, SVG ensured that the b-roll footage was as comprehensive as the interviews, showcasing the lively, engaging work environment and the team in action.

Cutting-Edge Equipment for Professional Quality

To ensure the highest quality of footage, SVG utilized multiple cameras, including the industry-leading Canon C300.

This choice of equipment reflects SVG’s commitment to delivering cinematic quality that enhances the storytelling aspect of the recruitment video.

The use of high-quality video equipment helps in capturing the vibrancy and professionalism of the workplace, making a compelling case to prospective applicants.

Tailored Content for Targeted Messaging

Understanding the core objectives of a recruitment video is crucial.

For TimePayment, SVG focused on highlighting the innovative aspects of the company and the career opportunities it offers.

The video was crafted to portray TimePayment as a forward-thinking employer that values creativity, commitment, and the professional growth of its employees.

The content was meticulously planned to strike a balance between showcasing the company culture and the tangible benefits offered to the team members.

Conclusion: A Gateway to Growth

By the end of the shoot, Skillman Video Group had captured the essence of TimePayment through a series of well-orchestrated visuals and narratives.

The resulting recruitment video stands as a testament to TimePayment’s dedication to excellence and its commitment to fostering a supportive and dynamic work environment.

With this video, TimePayment is set to attract the caliber of talent that will drive their future growth and innovation.