Videography for a Recruitment Video

Lighting This week, Skillman Video Group worked in Burlington, MA, for a nationwide equipment leasing company. The company wanted a recruitment video. A recruitment video is a short but comprehensive video made for businesses, companies or causes that want to garner positive attention in hopes of attracting new employees.

The shoot was dynamic in a number of ways. For example, there were many setups on location. There was a setup for the longer more in-depth interviews, another for the quick testimonials, and various setups when it came to the b-roll footage. The shoot was also dynamic with respect to the equipment employed. Multiple cameras were used for the videography, including the Canon C300, a leader in the industry.

Video production is an art form, and as such takes practice to perfect. Skillman Video Group has the experience and knowledge necessary to give their clients results. Specifically, when it comes to recruitment videos, it is vital to know what types of images to show, as well as what subjects to talk about.

Recruitment videos are marketing tools because they communicate the importance and the appeal of the company. Skillman Video Group specializes in online marketing. We understand both the creative side (the production of the video itself) and the business side (what is included in the video). Having a well-rounded knowledge of the industry helps us to better understand what works best for each client.

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