Highlighting Healthcare Innovation: SVG’s Video on MIT Medical’s New Mammogram Machine

Harnessing Video for Healthcare Innovation

MIT Medical

When MIT Medical aimed to boost awareness and utilization of their new mammogram machine among their employees, they recognized the potential of video as a powerful medium for engagement.

Understanding the need for a high-impact marketing tool, MIT Medical enlisted Skillman Video Group (SVG), known for its expertise in creating compelling marketing content.

Strategic Video Production

SVG was tasked with producing a video that not only highlighted the technological advancements of the mammogram machine but also resonated with the MIT community.

The goal was to craft a video that would not only inform but also inspire employees to embrace this new technology for their health benefits.

Tailored Branding and Visuals

Given the specific needs of MIT Medical, SVG designed custom graphics, including an opening sequence, lower thirds, and closing credits, all adhering to MIT Medical’s branding guidelines.

This consistency ensured that the video aligned seamlessly with other MIT Medical communications.

On-Site Filming Excellence

The video shoot took place on MIT’s campus, utilizing a half-day schedule to minimize disruption while maximizing content capture. SVG’s crew, comprising a director, videographer, and audio lighting technician, utilized the Canon 5D for its superior video quality and versatility, perfect for capturing the intricate details of the new machine and the bustling environment of MIT Medical.

Insightful Interviews and Dynamic B-Roll

The core of the video featured interviews with key MIT Medical staff, Lisa Owens and Leslie Patton.

Owens, the chief radiologic technologist, and Patton, manager of claims and member services, each provided insights into the unique features of the mammogram machine and its significance to the MIT community.

Complementing these interviews, SVG captured dynamic b-roll footage of the machine in action and the overall facility, providing viewers with a visual understanding of the setting and technology.

Post-Production and Final Touches

Following the shoot, SVG’s editing team took over to splice together the interviews with the b-roll, creating a fluid narrative that effectively communicated the benefits of the new technology.

The post-production process was meticulous, with a focus on enhancing the video’s clarity, pacing, and overall impact.

The Impact of Professional Video Production

This project exemplifies how professional video production can be leveraged to support and enhance healthcare communications.

By presenting complex medical technology in an accessible and engaging format, SVG helped MIT Medical foster a greater connection with their technology, ultimately encouraging its use among their community.