Viral SEO Video – The SEO GURU

Once upon a time in a land far away there was the legend of “The SEO Guru.” Christina Skillman and Skillman Video Group has been granted access to “The SEO Guru” and in an effort to pass on his vast knowledge of SEO on to others.  He believes that it is important to reach out to prospective students of SEO through Viral SEO Videos. He has chosen to disseminate this great and vast knowlege of SEO through these videos. His philosophy encompasses SEO but what can now be called Social Video Marketing or SVM.

Legend has it that The SEO Guru once worked in SEO and the constant challenges of spreading the word about SEO to non-believers made him grow weary of the world and he sought refuge to contemplate the great mysteries
of search engines, and much like the person who has optimized a website using SEO – people come find him eager to learn. In order to solicit the knowledge of the SEO Guru they must first bring him an offering and then be
willing to listen to his complex riddles about SEO.

Here are some quick lessons presented in the SEO Guru’s first video:

1. Bring The SEO Guru an offering
2. First Rule Be Popular!
3. Second First Rule Be Good!
4. Face the book – Use Facebook and Social Media.
5. Use Moving pictures and
6.  Don’t Forget The Keywords!
7.Bring The SEO Guru a better gift if you want more complicated answers.

Please note that you can’t hire the SEO Guru to work on SEO for you. He will only give you advice if you seek him out. If you wish the leads to flow like the river of the gods. Then you must hire Skillman Video Group to help bring in more leads through your web site. Viral video is an easy and clever way to try to attract more web visitors.  Skillman Video Group can create a viral video for you and implement it using social video marketing to not just attract the new visitors to your site, but also to convert those web visitors into actual business prospects.  Social Video Marketing, is a comprehensive service that offers a proven, all-in-one solution that taps into the tremendous power of SEO, blogging, social media and video to drive more visitors to your website.  Professional branding, web design, video / animation content then converts web visitors into business prospects as they gain the full and immediate experience of seeing a company’s/organization’s services or product at work.  Call today to learn more!