Website Video Shoot with Rolf Gates Yoga

(December 9, 2009) – Skillman Video Group had a two day video shoot at On The Mat Yoga in Concord, MA.  Rolf Gates, Yoga Teacher &

Setting up the shoot!

Setting up the shoot!

Author, called Skillman Video Group to do a series of online yoga sessions for as well as for their own site  The result was a beautiful series of videos: one 75-minute class, three 60-minute classes, two 30-minute classes,  and 2 quick “vignettes” about three minutes long.

Skillman Video Group shot two of the 60-minute classes the first day, and the rest of the videos on the second day.  When we arrived, we worked hard to transform a basement yoga studio into a professional studio set!  We organized the yoga mats and scenery with a balanced and harmonious look, and Andrew Nelson, lighting and audio tech at SVG, set up the lighting to create warmth and balance.  The room was a wonderful space, and working together we created a welcoming, soothing environment for their yoga videos.

3...2...1 ACTION!

3…2…1 ACTION!

Rolf Gates Inc decided they wanted one main camera (A) to shoot in HDV, and a second camera (B) to get closer shots in Standard Definition.  Camera A was operated by Christina Skillman and the purpose was to get wide-to-medium shots of the whole group, but directing attention to Rolf at all times.  Camera B was operated by Andrew, who got B-roll of the yoga exercises, cutaways, and close-ups of body areas as pointed out by Rolf.  The high definition picture looked fantastic and really brought out the colors and the detail of  the exercises!

The result of these shoots will be a series of beautiful and calm yoga instructional videos for the website  Current clients will be able to stay up-to-date in their yoga practices and new clients will be encouraged to sign up for classes after checking out the videos!  Skillman Video Group was proud to be a part of their online videos (and learned a lot about yoga!)  Check out the Portfolio page soon to see an example of the videos and call today to see what kind of video Skillman Video Group can do for your website!