What does Google Hummingbird like Video?

Video Google HummingbirdIf you have lately asked a question on Google, then you have noticed that there have probably been some videos that show up on the search feed. This is because of Google’s new algorithm “Hummingbird.” This new algorithm is effecting 90% of all search results which include video. Google has decided to change its algorithm for a number of reasons, but one of the most important reasons is that they want the user to have a better experience using the Google search engine. They are starting to answer questions in a very human like form which means they are moving away from the more traditional keywords, and starting to answer specific questions. This is huge for video because a) remember YouTube is owned by Google and b) Google is now going to be looking at videos posted online to see if they have the answer.

So you might be asking as a business owner what does this mean to me or how can I benefit from this? Google has made it possible for you to interact with your specific audience. Since Google wants to answer their users’ questions, you should be the one providing the answers for those specific questions. mwpdigitalmedia.com had a great example: If you are a real estate agent selling houses in a small area some key questions that you could get are:

1.What are the best schools in the area?

2.Is the house close to a hospital?

3.What are the crime levels like in this area?

4.Have their been any problems with the neighbors?

Now that the Hummingbird algorithm has been unveiled, you can create quality video content that can answer these questions and more. This is extremely important because 1) Google is looking for these types of videos to give to their users and 2) these videos provide you with a unique opportunity to show the world your expertise and capabilities….before  they even pick up the phone to call. This is where we at Skillman Video Group LLC step in and help you create this searchable content for your business. Our Boston video producers can help guide you on what content to create that will both serve to drive traffic to a particular web site, and also convert that traffic once they arrive.  Then our professional videographers can help you go from “Concept to Content” and actually shoot and edit these videos using the latest video and graphical techniques.   If you wish to begin or improve your online video marketing campaign let Skillman Video Group LLC partner with you and help you through your journey. Skillman Video Group LLC is a Boston video production company. Call us anytime at 800-784-0140