Have You Heard Of TubeBuddy!?

What is Tubebuddy?

A business has to keep releasing content in order to maintain a viewers attention about their products or services. As mentioned in Top Video Marketing Practices, Boston video production company Skillman Video Group has been implementing such practices and the turn out has been positive. With so many social media styles, a business may be unaware of which social site to post their marketing video. Since YouTube is the second largest search engine, many video production companies start off posting their video marketing content there.

YouTube Marketing is an exciting new strategy to take advantage of the web’s massive shift toward video. Maintaining a channel on YouTube may seem challenging, especially when it comes to fine tuning your YouTube videos with great titles, descriptions, thumbnail images, tags, cards, and much more. SVG would like to introduce TubeBuddy.

How to use Tubebuddy

TubeBuddy logoIt’s a dedicated to helping the user, such as video production companies, save time in completing the essential tasks required to grow a YouTube channel. SVG knows when it comes to SEO and video marketing people may end up skipping important steps, even though they are extremely important of the success of their channel. TubeBuddy is a browser extension built on the premise that creators should be able to spend more time creating videos and less time managing them. Its mission is to make the user and the rest of the YouTube community a happier and more productive bunch. A company who is new to the video marketing world can use TubeBuddy’s services to quickly fill in all the thumbnail images, tags, cards, and much more.

Is Tubebuddy Safe?
TubeBuddy options

With each new upload, there are several steps to take: adding cards or annotations to the videos, creating a professional looking thumbnail, sharing the video across social networks, publishing a copy to Facebook, optimizing the title / tags / description and using the existing video to promote the new upload. All of these items have a huge impact to the eventual success of a video and if done manually, could easily take hours. Through TubeBuddy, the entire process takes minutes.

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