What is a Video Channel?

Just like on TV when the viewer can turn on any cable channel expecting fresh, relevant content on a nightly/weekly basis, thanks to the proliferation of video on the web, business and organizations can produce fresh video content for their own online “Video Channel”.  Video Channels not only allow businesses and organizations to market their products or service, but increases rankings on search engines and followers on Social Media Sites.  One way to implement web video that is particularly conducive to social media outlets such as Youtube is with a video channel, an ongoing series of videos designed to peak and increase interest over time by creating more related content.  Producing and posting multiple videos demonstrates that your business is committed to providing its followers with fresh ideas and content.  Videos tend to receive an exponentially proportionate number of hits as their base of subscribers or followers expand.  Produced videos may also be posted on a business’s or organization’s  blog as a way to keep their existing clients updated on the latest trends and events.

In addition to the social media component, video channels are also a great way to break down multiple parts of your business.  Many internet viewers will not take the time to read through all the different pages of your site to find the information they’re looking for.  A series of videos each targeting a different aspect of your business provides a clear and concise way for visitors to find and access the information they are looking for with a lower risk of them navigating away in frustration before finding what they seek.

The Boston Video Producers at Skillman Video Group are well versed in not only the latest video production techniques , but the latest Social Media and SEO trends as well.  Contact us to learn how we can help you develop your own video channel!