What’s Your Story: Storytelling at the Heart of Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Do You Know Your Story?

“What’s your story?”  For any number of businesses and companies, this can come off as something of an intimidating question because many can’t easily answer it.  The reality, though, is that your story is key to fruitful, long-term success.  Without a story, a company or business is just one of many in an expansive, faceless crowd.

Your business’s story is what sets you apart and makes you special.  If you can’t get to the heart of what makes it unique or why it matters, then who’s to say that anyone else will take notice or even care?  Don’t allow yourself to flounder in the dark.  If at this moment you can’t answer the question within a matter of seconds, stop what you are doing and take a moment to reflect.  Once you begin to have a grasp on what your story is, you must take the necessary steps to tell it and get it out into the world.

Content Marketing & Storytelling Go Hand in Hand

Over time, it’s becoming more and more apparent that content is the future of marketing, and at the heart of content lies storytelling.  Storytelling in business, however, is more than just talking about your business in any number of ways.  It’s also a way of offering your perspective and expertise on a certain subject.

Lucky for us, we live in a time where there are any number of ways and means of marketing yourself through content and storytelling.  Here are just a few:

  • Video: video is the big one.  If content marketing is the future, then video is the holy grail.  From branded videos and social media videos to client testimonials and recruitment videos, video is simply the best way to market your business and tell your story.
  • Social Media: whether its Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn, everybody is on social media, and the numbers just keep growing.  Create site-specific content, build an audience, engage with your audience, and on and on.  The possibilities of social media are ever-expanding.
  • Blogging: a free and easy way to dive headfirst into content marketing.  Discuss your business’s current or upcoming projects.  Talk about your thoughts on industry trends and news.  Whatever you blog about, the main objective is to put your business and its story out there for the world to see.

Once again, “What’s your story?”  If you begin to feel comfortable easily answering the question, then your business or company can start sharing it through content marketing.  Everybody has a story.  The promise and potential is all there.  Now it’s up to you to take the necessary steps towards success.

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