Whiteboard Video Animations

What are whiteboard video animations?

Chances are that you’ve seen them (maybe even heard of them) but haven’t heard them called by their proper name.  Whiteboard animation is a process where a creative story and storyboard with pictures is drawn on a whiteboard (or something similar).  The overall effect is that of a time-lapse video where you watch the animation come to life with every stroke.

The effectiveness of whiteboard animation

While quite fun, whiteboard video animations are also quite effective in a number of ways.  Here are some reasons why you may consider using whiteboard animation:

  • It allows the viewer to witness the creation, instantly making it more interesting, which also allows for a sense of wonder as to what will be drawn next.
  • It has a unique visual style that will grab people’s attention, using storytelling to communicate ideas in effective ways.
  • When the viewer sees the drawing taking place, it immediately adds a human element, bringing to the video a level of authenticity.
  • It’s entertaining but also quite simple, with a basic style that is easy to understand
  • Whiteboard animation is typically accompanied by some kind of voiceover (whether it’s instructional, informative, etc.).  The combination of visual and verbal material has been proven to enhance learning.


Why would a business use whiteboard video animation?

Whiteboard video animations are also quite effective for educational purposes.  You could use it to teach employees different company policies or demonstrate a new product to consumers.  Start-ups, in particular, have been using whiteboard animation more and more frequently, most likely because they have little else to work with.  If you’re uncertain of which style of video content is appropriate for your goals, Skillman Video Group is here to help.  SVG is a Boston-based video production company of video marketing experts, capable of helping you develop a concept and determine which style of video content will help get your voice out there and accomplish your goals.


Take a look below for some examples of whiteboard video animation…