Why Hire a Professional Voice Actor

Building a brand takes time and requires many different things. Each aspect of a video can impact your brand in a positive or negative way. That is why, when you need narration for a video there are different things you need to think about. If it is a personal branding video, one that you might put on social media like Instagram or LinkedIn it is more than acceptable to use your own voice.

Christina Skillman, CEO and Creative Director of Skillman Video Group in Boston, says, “when you’re building a personal brand, you absolutely need to be your own narrator to show any kind of authenticity.”

However, when you are building a company video, like an animated explainer video, you absolutely have to hire a professional voice actor.

Leave It To The Pros

By hiring a professional voice actor, you give your company’s video much more room to be creative. The reason for this is because professional voice actors are exactly that, actors. They have the training, experience, and equipment to capture clean and diverse audio. This is very important because you want your video’s narration to have levels of emotion and be in the right tone, that you or someone on your team may not be able to achieve.

Paid actors struggle to deliver lines with any authenticity and believability, so you can imagine how hard it is to read from a script and not sound like your reading. It is extremely hard to capture the right emotion for a video, and if you don’t have the skills or knowledge base of how to do so, it will be a million times harder. The video you are creating represents your company’s brand, not you or your teammates’. That is exactly why you need to leave it to a professional.

The voice-over is only a singular part of the video, but it is a very important part. In the Capturing Clean Audio post, we discuss how important clean audio is and how it can make or break the video. You need to find the voice actor that matches the feel you’re trying to get across with your video. If you fail to capture the right mood or tone that matches with the video, your audience will notice and will turn away from the video.

Voice acting

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Questions To Think Of

  • What do you want the voice-over to communicate?
  • Do you want the video to feel serious or cheerful?
  • Are you catering to an older crowd or going after a more youthful audience?
  • What does your company brand represent?

The Difference

Key things to look for when hiring a professional voice actor are:

  • Availability
  • Reliability
  • Talent


Many voice actors are low-budget and part-time and have full-time jobs and don’t focus on voiceovers as much as they could. This means that if you hire a semi-pro voice actor you are going to have to juggle around their schedule and sometimes have to wait until after business hours to consult them or get the finished product. This is not ideal because it slows your project down and doesn’t allow for efficient consultation and review of the audio.

Why Hire a Professional Voice Actor 1

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Relating back to having a full-time job, you want the voice actor you hire to be a full-time voice-over professional. This means they know what they’re doing, they can give you multiple variations and they work within the same time frame as you. This makes life so much easier for everyone involved. Having a reliable voice actor is key.


This is probably the most obvious one. You want the voice actor to have the talent you are looking for. You want the voice-over to seem natural and cohesive. The full-time professional will be able to produce the level of quality that a part-time, low-budget voice actor, cannot. There is just something about the true talent that professionals have that sounds better.


Hiring a professional voice actor is your best bet. You can’t go wrong, because the right voiceover is always going to help elevate your content and get it to the next level. Don’t settle when looking for the best!

Check out this video for more about hiring a professional voice actor.


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