Working Professionally within a Short Time Frame

MIT video shootSVG & MIT Enterprise Forum: An Enduring Business Relationship

The MIT Enterprise Forum, which is based in Cambridge and has chapters worldwide, is a non-profit networking organization dedicated to the entrepreneur community.  Their mission: “We inform, connect, and coach technology entrepreneurs—enabling them to rapidly transform ideas into world-changing companies. We are a global network of local organizations, inspired by MIT, and open to the world.”  It has been an honor to work with them since 2011, back when they hired us for the first time.  Since then, the MIT Enterprise Forum has come to Skillman Video Group on several occasions when there is work to be done.  Last week they held a live event in need of some videography and, once again, they reached out to us to take on the job.

A Short Turnaround: Preparing Efficiently and Professionally

When working with the MIT Enterprise Forum in the past, we’ve had a sufficient amount of time to prepare for the shoot, to sort out all the planning, and so on.  This time, however, we were confirmed for the shoot on a Friday when it was to take place the following Wednesday, offering us a shorter window of time to work within.

Not a problem for us!  At SVG, we have a wide berth of videographers and enough resources to fill any number of holes within a short time frame.

MIT Live Event Video ShootMIT Enterprise Forum Video Shoot

The event consisted of two portions.  The first was a lecture with lots of high energy and movement, requiring equal amounts of camera movement and, in turn, focus pulling.  The second portion was a sit-down discussion with little movement, leaving us to find the frame and work with the least amount of distraction.

Shooting at a live event comes with a number of challenges, but we were able to handle it expertly and efficiently, even with such a short turnaround.

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