YouTube Aims to Improve Quality of Video Production

Recently, Youtube has gone out and acquired two new companies with the intention of improving the visual quality of the videos that are uploaded to the website. One of these companies is Green Parrot Pictures, an Ireland based business that specializes in improving video quality. Youtube is looking to create a better image from homemade and amateur videos such as for example the ones coming in from Japan recently documenting the wreckage. The service will also help to lower the bandwidth of the videos uploaded.

The other Youtube acquisition is the video production company Next New Networks, which will specialize in helping to improve and accelerate the video production process in order to bring more money to Youtube’s content partners. Youtube’s content partners would include those that have established Youtube channels, which are making money by allowing for display advertisements to be posted next to the videos.

It would appear that through the acquisition of these two companies, Youtube is attempting to create more consistent and quality video channels to compete with media outlets such as cable television and Hulu, which broadcasts high quality video programs. Youtube’s steps toward creating a inexpensive and easier way to create and upload high budget caliber video at a low budget cost is great news for all content creators. It also means that Youtube is investing in the idea that more people will be turning to the internet for their entertainment programming. This is a golden opportunity for a Medium to Small business to  market their product or service using video on the #3 search engine on the web – YouTube.  With their new focus on quality, YouTube is hedging their bets that more and more people will be looking for their entertainment and information from Social Media as opposed to traditional Broadcast or Cable television.  Is your company taking advantage of Social Media and video marketing to their fullest?  At Skillman Video Group, our service Social Video Marketing, uses all aspects of Internet Marketing –  from high quality video to SEO, web design, blogging  and Social Media – to both drive more traffic to your site and then convert those visitors into business prospects.   We have our own Youtube channel, which we continue to grow by posting our high quality videos and directing others to the channel through our various social media outlets.  Ask today how Social Video Marketing can increase business for you!

To see the type of enhancements Green Parrot will provide to Youtube users, follow this link: