YouTube Annotations and Cards For Your Advantage

Now that YouTube stardom is completely viable for everything from video game streams to how-to videos, there is no reason your own Boston video production company can’t develop an audience. YouTube actually has so many useful features that it incorporates in its platform to help aspiring content creators gain subscribers and climb the ladder of search engine optimization. Two of these key features are annotations and cards, and below are three ways you can use them in your next video for the extra push to spread awareness about your company’s video production services. First, let’s define these features.

What are Annotations/Cards?

YouTube annotations are helpful, little text inserts that allow you to update a video as needed. For example, if you realize after posting a video that one of your facts was wrong, you could add an annotation that pops up at the specific point in the video to acknowledge the mistake and to correct it. As for YouTube Cards, these are very similar to annotations, but they allow for more options by taking up much more of the screen in a PowerPoint-slide format or a picture frame style. One of the easiest applications of these features is interacting with other content creators.

Build Community

YouTube is designed to foster a community of content creators, so don’t shy away from tapping into this culture. Throw in a card by creating a picture frame thumbnail in your actual video that automatically links to a fellow YouTuber’s page. Ideally, the other YouTuber will notice the increased traffic from your spotlight and return the favor, allowing for two different audiences to blend and cross-over seamlessly between the two channels. Eventually, there may be an opportunity for collaboration.

External Sites

The YouTube platform is interactive by nature, so always feel free to capitalize on this element. One way to do so is by inserting links to websites outside of YouTube. Maybe you want to direct viewers to your merchandise site or a charity organization. Use your discretion when deciding which tool to use, as annotations and cards offer slightly different aesthetics. Also, be aware that the link must be approved through YouTube’s own process or already be on its approved list of sites. This interactivity will offer a more urgent and cogent method of encouraging viewers to take action because it is just one click away.

Tailor Content

There is a specific type of slide card that allows you to conduct a multiple-choice poll. This opens up many options for customizing your content. You can ask viewers what days are ideal for you to post new content or figure out what your audience wants to see next. This instantaneous and anonymous feedback develops a sense of connection through the screen, because the audience can feel like they are contributing to your content in a clear, tangible way.

As a final note, you must have your account verified and in good standing both with copyright matters and content-wise before you can use these features to your full advantage. Use both annotations and cards simultaneously, and you’ll be on your way to building a cutting-edge Boston video marketing company while also offering modern video production services.

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