YouTube Says Goodbye to Google+


Google+ has always felt like more of a necessity than anything else, providing many users with the feeling of being forced onto a bandwagon. Well, those who have been griping now have particular reason to rejoice.

Google recently announced that, as part of a large-scale upgrade, they will no longer force people to use a Google+ account to log in to other Google services. Much of the focus of this news regards its “separation” from YouTube. For years, YouTube users have complained about the requirement, but now, it’s no longer required when you upload, comment, or create a channel.

While there are some who use Google+ regularly for both business and non-business, what the Google+ requirement did was force many people to have it but not use it. Who wants to be told that they have to sign up for a brand new platform just to use the one they’ve already been using for years? As it turns out, not many.

YouTube already works well on its own as a content and social platform, and after years of carrying Google+ around on its own goodwill, it’ll be given a greater opportunity to stand on its own. The update will allow for a greater focus on YouTube and its users, raising overall engagement in the process.

Like any major platform update, this one will be rolling out slowly over the next few weeks. In the meantime, YouTube users and YouTube marketers have a lot to look forward to.

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