YouTube Video Marketing

Using YouTube’s Tools to Your Advantage

YouTube Video ManagerNow more than ever, video is integral to one’s online presence, and proper marketing via YouTube is essential. Luckily, YouTube provides you with many tools to help ensure your videos are seen and show up when your desired search parameters are input. Captions, annotations, and now cards are all useful tools to make sure your channel is as connected as possible to your client base. First, in your video there are a few things you can do to encourage viewer interaction with your content. Make a call to action in your video, encouraging viewers to subscribe to your channel, vote the video up if they liked the content, and share it with their friends. You can also share the video with your own friends, encouraging them to post it, view it, and share it among their peers. Your video should have a suitable title and description, and relevant tags so that it shows up when people search for the terms you specify.

Captions, Annotations, and Cards

Another great way to link your content together is by using the embedded functions that YouTube offers. Captions are good to give your video accessibility, and annotations and cards can be useful in linking your viewers to more of your content, increasing the chance they will view more of your channel and be engaged with your material. Combining but not overusing these tools will connect your content and help your viewers easily find what you want them to. Your videos should also be posted on your websites and/or blogs to increase their visibility and further link them with your brand.

Using your Connections

socialvideoThe most important factor when trying to spread your video to viewers is word of mouth. Utilize all your connections and send them your content, encourage bloggers and reporters to use your video content in any pieces they are writing. Your YouTube channel should be promoted on all your company’s sites and contact information. Your existing networks are your most vital resource when it comes to spreading your videos and making sure your content gets seen by your viewers and is ranked highly on Google.

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