Shooting a Marketing Video for EnerSys

Making a Marketing Video.

EnerSys hired SVG to produce a top tier marketing video for their “Convert to Electric” campaign. The video was to be shot in the Atlantic Plywood headquarters in Woburn MA.


This event was not only a marketing video shoot, but in a sense a live event shoot as well. To mark the 5,000th truck that has been converted from an internal combustion engine to an electric engine, EnerSys held a small ribbon cutting celebration.

SVG shot with a Canon C300, Canon 5D, and a GoPro. We also brought in a gib to help get a variety of perspectives and interesting pans. We shot interviews, speeches, and plenty of b-role of the warehouse and the electric machines themselves.

We will be editing all of these beautiful shots into one attractive marketing video for EnerSys. Editing a video properly is absolutely key in making a beautifully polished and effective marketing video, but the video can only be edited so much. It’s important to get as high of quality video in the shoot itself so that the finished product is as clean as possible. This shoot was no different, and once again SVG’s team captured a moment in it’s best form.