The Dream Team: Professional Video Production

Skillman Video Group On SetSimilar to any professional team, it takes experience and practice to become a professional video production company in Boston. And like every professional team, there are essentials such as equipment, chemistry, preparation, game plans, and of course a coach. Boston video production has all the essentials that any professional team has, but the only difference is that our professional video production terms at Skillman Video Group are different than those of a sports team.

Producer (Coach)

Like any baseball, hockey, or football team there is always the person who calls the shots and gets the team prepared for game day. Well, in the instance of Boston video production our coach is the producer. Christina Skillman, SVG’s very own producer (coach) meets with all of her clients and lays out the game plan for the rest of the video production crew members. She, like any coach, prepares an outline of the day and sets strategic plans for interviews or commercials. You could say a producer is more similar to a football coach for the plays are set before the game. Yet, what makes a producer different from a coach is that there is little room for error and everything is prepared for the Boston video production shoot that way the client has a clear view of the day, and won’t be surprised. In other words, our plays are laid on on the table before the game even starts.

Creativity (Set Plays)

In order to win a game, a professional team needs to work hard and out think the opponent. Creativity can be the clear attribute for a win. As for a professional video production company, creativity it what drives our business. Just like any team, we have competition and our clients have competition. It’s not enough to just get by and give just an average marketing video. Not only will we lose clients to competitors but our clients will lose out to competing businesses as well. At SVG everything we develop for a Boston marketing video is done through the eyes of the client’s audience. We think through every aspect of the production video to determine what will stand out the most.

Location (Stadium)

Boston Video Production SetBeing on home turf is what every professional team wants; however for a Boston video company you must constantly evolve to different locations. There is no “Home stadium” in for a corporate video production company. On the other hand, there is for the client. At SVG we want our client to feel as comfortable as possible during interviews, commercials, or brand videos. Although there are instances when a large studio is required for filming, most of the time our location is at the client’s business.

Boston Videographer (Team Captain)

Our Boston video could be considered the team captain of our video production crew. He or she is the one seeing everything through the lense of the video camera and works hand in hand with the producer and client. The most important quality of the Boston videographer is their keen eye to detail and ability to keep everyone on task. Like any team captain, a Boston videographer must keep everyone motivated to the end of the video production shoot and make adjustments if needed. Because the videographer is always on the “playing field” he is able to see more and bring the video marketing campaign to life.

Yes, there are similarities to a Boston video production company and a professional sports team. That is not to say that SVG will be playing for the Red Sox anytime soon, but perhaps if they need a video marketing campaign down the road they know what professional video production team to call.

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