2018 Summer Internship at SVG

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My name is Bridget Wixted, and I am the 2018 summer intern for Skillman Video Group. In May of this year, I finished high school and was ready to start college at DePaul University in Chicago. However, before I was able to actually get to college, I needed something to do over the summer first.

I looked for jobs around my small suburban town, but nothing really attracted me. I didn’t want to spend my entire summer doing meaningless tasks that wouldn’t challenge me. I like to be busy. So I started to look around for internships, maybe in a photography or for video production companies in Boston. I spent the entire month of May doing this, but nobody was looking to hire a summer intern.

2018 Summer Internship

I want to major in film production at college and have always been planning on working in the industry when I graduate college, so when my father suggested to me that I apply for an internship with Skillman Video Group, I was elated. I emailed Christina Skillman, the founder and CEO of Skillman Video Group, and she kindly allowed me to begin the interview process. The process was a very typical interview process; first I sent her my resume, we did a phone interview, and then I went into her offices to do an in-person interview. Towards the end of June, I was hired to be Skillman Video Group’s 2018 summer intern.

Considering I started my internship at the end of June, I did not get the chance to intern for very long, as I move in to college on August 26th. That gave me about two months to complete my internship. So naturally, I got to work.

Video Production Blogs
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Every week I would write two 300-500 word blog posts: one for the main SVG website, and one for a smaller SVG website. I would also write a longer 800-1,000 word landing page for the main SVG website. I like to write, and I wanted to grow my writing skills, so this was perfect for me. The deadlines and critiques Christina gave me for each post really helped me to grow my time management skills, as well as improve my writing. I also learned a lot about the topics I wrote about. Up until this point, I did not know anything about optimizing content or SEO. Now I do, and hopefully it will prove to be very helpful information in the future.

This internship also required me to create a video for the SVG website with the guidance and aid of Christina. I came up with the concept, I wrote the script, and I shot and edited the video production Boston video myself. I also made shot lists, shoot schedules, convinced my friends to act in the video, and even acted in it myself. Without this internship to push me, I am only being honest when I say I probably wouldn’t have done all of that. I am very proud of the product I created, and I can’t wait to create more videos like this in the future.

Shooting a Marketing Video

Another aspect of my internship was getting to be a production assistant on client shoots and to take photos for the website. So far, I’ve only gone to two shoots, but I’ve already learned a lot about the industry and what goes on behind the scenes in Boston video production companies. For example, I have learned to always be prepared, to always be early, and to never have anything less than a good attitude. Video Marketing Shoot

All in all, my internship with Skillman Video Group was really beneficial for me. I learned a lot about how to improve my skills as a writer, as well as more about the film industry by being able to participate in client shoots. Thank you to Skillman Video Group for giving me this opportunity!

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