A Crash Course in Video Production: My Summer with Skillman Video Group

Video Marketing Shoot

Fresh out of high school, I was eager to dive into my dream of filmmaking.

But with two months to fill before college, I needed more than just a summer job.

I craved a challenge, a chance to learn and grow.

That’s when fate (and my dad) led me to Skillman Video Group (SVG).

The Internship Interview: From Resume to Reality

Eager to break into the film industry, I jumped at the opportunity to intern at SVG.

After a whirlwind of resumes, phone calls, and a nerve-wracking in-person interview, I landed the gig.

With only two months until college move-in, I knew I had to hit the ground running.

Mastering the Art of the Blog Post

Every week, I churned out blog posts for SVG’s websites, honing my writing skills and diving into the world of SEO.

Deadlines and critiques from Christina, the CEO, pushed me to become a more efficient writer and a knowledgeable content creator.

Lights, Camera, Action: My First Video Production

Beyond writing, I got to flex my filmmaking muscles by creating a video for SVG.

From concept and script to shooting and editing, I handled it all. I even wrangled my friends to act in the video (and made a cameo myself!).

This hands-on experience was invaluable, boosting my confidence and igniting my passion for video production.

Behind the Scenes: Lessons from Client Shoots

Being a production assistant on client shoots was a crash course in the industry.

I learned the importance of preparation, punctuality, and a positive attitude.

Witnessing the inner workings of video production solidified my career path and fueled my excitement for the future.

More Than Just a Summer Job

My time at Skillman Video Group was more than just an internship—it was a transformative experience.

I gained valuable skills, knowledge, and confidence that will undoubtedly serve me well in college and beyond.

I’m incredibly grateful for this opportunity and can’t wait to see where my filmmaking journey takes me next!