3 Critical Online Video Trends

Top Online Video Trends

When Cisco Systems says that by 2021 80% all internet traffic will be video, all businesses and business owners should stop to think about their own online video content. Video is quickly becoming the the video production services, Boston video production, digital marketingdominant medium of content in the digital atmosphere. Being a Boston video production company, we aren’t taken by surprise with these research based predictions on online video trends. All companies need video in today’s market. With this said, it is critical that in order to keep a brand relevant, one must not only be producing video content, they also need to be aware of the trends and patterns being forecasted for video. As video surpasses all other forms of content distribution, these are some of the trends to keep in mind in order to be sure that you are producing the best video content and utilizing it to its fullest potential. Here are 3 trends we have for all business owners when it comes to digital and professional video production as we head into 2018.

Video Trends 2018

The first thing companies need to be aware of is that more video will mean more opportunity to communicate their messages to their audiences. Like Cisco said, 80% of all video traffic by 2021 will be video. Furthermore, Cisco predicts that there will be 1.9 billion video users. This is why we say, more, more, more. If you’re brand currently lacks video produced content, develop a strategy and vision to begin that process of creating it. While more content is needed, so is better content. Don’t forget that quality speaks volumes. And so when strategizing keep in mind professional video production companies in your area. When it comes to the New England area, we provide a professional and uniquely personal approach to our clients needs in Boston video production services.

Youtube Marketing Trends

As you begin to create more content, you need to be placing that content where it matters. Youtube is quickly becoming the dominant platform to distribute content. Google says that in 2015, 18-49 year oldsvideo production services, Boston video production, digital marketing, Youtube spent 4% less time watching tv. On the flip side, this same population had an increase of 74% of time spent on Youtube. Clearly, your videos need to find a home on a Youtube. Youtube is a social platform, and so the same general rules apply. Produce quality content consistently and engage with followers. On top of this, you need to optimize your videos. Check out this short video from Hubspot to get a clearer grasp on how you can do this.

Social Video Trends

Today, people view through multiple pieces of technology. TV’s, laptops, computers, tablets and smartphones. All of these are able to view video content and so your video content needs to be accessible on all these different sizes of screens. Google says that on strictly in the 18-49 year old population smartphone viewership of YouTube accounts for more than any major cable TV or broadcast network. video production services, Boston video production, digital marketing, YoutubeWhen using professional video production, keep in mind that your content needs to be versatile enough to be able to remain compelling and clear across all platforms.

Also don’t be afraid to edit videos, perhaps create trailers or sneak-peeks of a fuller video for social media sites where they are more frequently viewed in smaller screens. This way they can be shared and viewed quickly while providing a link to full videos on YouTube. Step into the shoes of your audience while creating your video content, what is the best way to ensure that it is easily seen, accessed, and remains compelling?

Online Video Content

Online video trends clearly depict a sharp increase in the consumption of online video content. For any company striving to stay relevant in our every increasing digitally reliant society, professional video production needs to be a priority. Consider these trends that we have discussed and analyze the ways that your current company or brand is standing up against the standards these trends are suggesting. How are you standing? If you’re in need of a Boston video production company, allow SVG to assist you in keeping ahead of the game of online video trends.

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