Producing Video with an Eye for Social Media

When deciding what video content to produce for your website, it is important to keep your goals in mind and consider the different applications of video accordingly.  Although they are not necessarily mutually exclusive, videos designed primarily for enriching site content may not have equivalent success on social media outlets.  Likewise, a video produced specifically for social media websites may not convey the proper message to convert website visitors into clients.

What makes videos successful in social media applications is their appeal to a general audience and their relevance to what masses of people are already searching for.  People will probably not be searching for your business on Youtube, but they may be looking for something that your company offers or information on a general service that your business provides.

On the other hand, when visitors reach your website, they are already interested in your business and therefore more targeted videos can prove advantageous.  For this reason, you may consider creating separate content for your website and a social media campaign.  Depending on your needs, certain video formats such as “how-to” videos, can work well in both domains.

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