A Video Production at Babson College

Park-West-FiveSkillman Video Group has had a busy summer. Recently, we had another video production, this time focusing on an interview with a professional doctor. The shoot was at Babson College. The video production only took up half a day; however, the half-day kept the crew even busier than normal.

Unlike the last half-day shoot with the CEO, this one involved a much longer set-up. That’s why it’s always good to physically and mentally prepare for a long set-up time for a production.

The client was very particular with what they wanted. This included requesting and receiving a special blue backdrop that could match perfectly with the rest of the company’s look and branding. Since that was all discussed previously, it made it that much easier to come to the shoot on the day and be ready to dive right in.

Like with the Visual Foot Care shoot, a teleprompter was used to help with the flow of the production. At times, they can be more of a hindrance than a benefit. That was the case this time around. There were many more difficulties involved with getting it up and running properly. Luckily, time was set aside to make sure it would be okay during the actual filming. Troubles like that, though, really show how the set-up on a shoot day can really take a lot of time. The lights, sound, camera, and any problems that come up must be ironed out before the shooting can actually take place. Despite the time that it takes, it makes the actual shooting go that much smoother. Taking the time before means saving time later, especially when a video heads into post-production.

All in all, though, this shoot led to another great and positive experience between SVG and a client. Now on the editing!

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