Add energy to marketing videos with motion graphics

Here at Skillman Video Group we know the importance of social video marketing, the convergence of video marketed on a business’s social media sites paired with search engine optimization. Keeping websites current with engaging content is what gets customers interested in products and services.  Adding motion graphics to videos or websites offers even more opportunities for companies to get their messages across in a more informative way.

Motion graphics are graphics that use video and/or animations to create the illusion of motion or a transforming appearance. The name may not be familiar but the concept definitely is.  Motion graphics appear in everything from title sequences to commercials to logos for tv channels and live sports games. More and more video production companies are utilizing them in their videos for their ability to deliver information in a fun, exciting, and fast way.  Skilled professionals are required to make these static images come to life. In most cases, they are creating something extraordinary out of nothing using computer animation programs like Adobe Aftereffects or Apple’s Motion.

Motion graphics can be just what your video needs to create that extra bit of inspiration or to make your website more memorable.