Compositing for Video

The Last Process

Adobe.After.EffectsCS52So you have a finely edited video with great content ready to review and add to your online repertoire. Before you’re quite done though, there is a final step to take to ensure your video is complete. This process, sometimes refereed to as compositing, as well as the addition of motion graphics, is the final step in producing video content. The editing and color correction are the last steps in most strictly film/live video content productions, but usually the addition of graphics and effects is needed to pull off some things cheaply and/or quickly, and can save you time and money in the long run, especially if your equipment or your budget is limited.

Text and Graphics

The most common usage of post-fx programs, such as Adobe After Effects and Apple Motion, is to add text and graphics to videos. Text can be in the form of titling, credits, or, in more advanced cases, superimposition of text or graphics, even video onto real-world objects in the video. Some of these effects can be done in real-time on camera, but usually the end result will be visually less compelling and/or polished, and in some cases, can be more time consuming and expensive than digital processing.

Simple text and overlaid graphics are also quick and require little effort to add to videos, and even some more basic programs for video editing are capable of doing a passable job for these tasks. The difference will still be apparent, however, when compared to the results from trained professionals using industry-standard programs. Scaling and resolution options when exporting the finalized cut of your video together with the graphics will be better the more advanced the software and hardware used to create it are, and the final format and encode of the video is extremely important for the greatest file size to quality ratio for streaming online.

Superimposition and Compositing

Sometimes your project will call for more advanced effects, maybe even digital lighting sources or multiple screens to be added in later digitally. Compositing is the process of adding video and graphics to existing video, and making the two mesh as seamlessly as possible. For this process especially, it is crucial that you are using professional-grade software to create the best possible result for your video. Bad compositing, effects, or graphics can hurt your video more than help it, and sometimes it is better to do something live if it is feasible. In the end, when used correctly, post effects and compositing can be powerful tools in your video skillset.

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