Arch Painting Recruitment Video: Editing & Finishing

Recently, Skillman Video Group, a Boston video production agency, shot footage for commercial and residential painting company, Arch Painting. We dedicated a lot of time to working with Arch Painting in order to find the key messages and themes they wanted to convey in an updated video. We then captured interviews and b-roll at both their office and work site that showed the overall culture of their company and their dedication to clients.

Our Editing & Finishing process transforms the raw footage from the shoot into a polished brand video that clearly communicates what Arch Painting is all about.

Editing & Finishing: Culture of the Company

The biggest challenge for this video was to figure out how to cut our content down to a short two-minutes while still including important messages from the six Arch employees we interviewed. Because we had a great amount of interviews to edit, our standard four rounds of revision was even more crucial during this stage.

In round one, we had to cut together a cohesive piece from six different interviews that communicated Arch Painting’s core values. During this stage, we got the interviews down to five minutes to create a focused narrative. For round two, we sent this version to our client to receive feedback that would help us cut the piece down even further to reach the final goal.

In order to enhance the video, we added energetic music and designed graphics and titles to match Arch Painting’s brand image, giving them three different graphic options to decide upon. We completed this third round of revision by editing in b-roll. Since a lot of b-roll was staged, there was a fair amount of give and take from both sides when selecting b-roll that best communicated the culture of Arch Painting.

During the fourth round, we delivered the final product to Arch Painting: a 2 minute and thirty second brand video that creatively represents their image and culture. We were extremely happy with the final result, and most importantly, our client was too!

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