Painting a Vibrant Brand: Skillman Video Group’s Journey with Arch Painting

Painting a Vibrant Brand: Skillman Video Group's Journey with Arch Painting 1

Skillman Video Group is dedicated to a six-step production process that helps companies efficiently execute their brand message through eye-catching video.

We recently worked through the Discovery, Strategy, Concept, and Planning phases of our process with commercial and residential painting company, Arch Painting, to help them develop exceptional brand videos.

These included a recruitment video and client testimonial videos (for both commercial and residential clients).

First, we focused on the recruitment video.

Discovery: An Upgrade

We first worked with Arch Painting in 2012. Our long-term relationship with Arch made the Discovery phase a very smooth process.

The most important task during this phase was learning about how the company had changed over the years so we could figure out how to upgrade their brand video.

We met with the owner and new president to discuss their core values, target audience, and how the company had changed since we last collaborated.

Strategy: Uncovering Key Themes

Going into the Strategy phase, Arch Painting knew they wanted a recruitment video because they are always looking for great people.

Knowing this, we had conversations on developing their key themes and messages.

We spoke to team members who were going to be in the video and decided that some of the most important ideas that needed to be communicated were that Arch Painting is honest, responsive, reliable, scalable, and mobile, among many other important traits that center around putting their clients first.

Creative/Concept: Thinking Outside the Box

Painting a Vibrant Brand: Skillman Video Group's Journey with Arch Painting 2

After having many productive conversations with Arch to better understand their key ideas, we focused on the scope of the shoot.

Because we wanted footage of Arch’s office and painters in the midst of their work, we decided to capture the action using a steadicam for mobility and dynamic movement.

Striving for excellence, we also utilized drone footage, which gave us dramatic footage of the painters at work. We are one of many Boston production companies, so we always aim to think outside the box.

Planning/Pre-Production: It Takes Two

Planning for this shoot occurred on both sides.

First of all, we were not only going to be working with our clients, but with our client’s clients as well. We knew an important part of this shoot was that we had to be respectful of everyone’s time.

After all, it was a work day and we were coming into their workspace with our equipment. We incorporated this into our plans for production by sending a limited crew of two people to the shoot so we could keep our “footprint” small.

Our clients also had to plan to make sure employees were present and wearing their proper uniforms in the office.

They also had to make certain their client would be home, and that the right jobs were happening at the right time at the work site so we could obtain the desired shots.

Production: Showing All Sides

Once we arrived at the work site, the plan we had in place made the day run smoothly and productively. We began our production day by shooting interviews.

Arch Painting is unique in that it runs a traditionally blue-collar company like a white collar corporation. We wanted to shoot interviews in their office to demonstrate that their business is a high-end, first-class operation.

We then moved on to capturing enough b-roll to cover the videos we were making for our client. Capturing b-roll was a fun challenge, as we staged shots of people playing games and working on site.

The next step for us is acquiring final shots of b-roll for their brand video once permitted.

After completing this task, all footage will be creatively molded during the Editing/Finishing stage in order to produce a convincing brand message about Arch Painting that conveys their key themes.