Behind the Scenes at Beantown Throwdown: Skillman Video Group’s Filming Experience

Introduction to the Beantown Throwdown

Entrepreneur pitching to a full room

Recently, Skillman Video Group had the privilege of filming an exciting event known as the Beantown Throwdown, hosted annually by the MIT Enterprise Forum.

This event is a dynamic business pitch competition where students from various educational institutions come together to present their startup ideas in hopes of securing interest and investment.

Visual and Audio Challenges

Overcoming Visual Barriers

The setting for the pitches was a vast room adorned with a stark white wall, accompanied by a similarly colored banner off to the side.

While this setup might seem minimalistic and visually clean, it presented unique challenges for filming.

On camera, the stark whiteness could appear bland and uninviting.

Although changing the backdrop wasn’t an option at the time, our team is experienced in handling such scenarios and knows to prepare for and work around visual limitations in future projects.

Tackling Audio Hurdles

Audio capture presented a more significant challenge.

The room’s audio setup was less than ideal, with speakers positioned on a high ceiling far from reach and no accessible connections for our equipment.

To navigate this, we strategically placed microphones—one aimed at the ceiling to catch sound from the speakers and another concealed near the front to minimize ambient noise.

Despite these hurdles, our goal was to ensure the students’ voices were heard clearly, knowing that post-production might require additional efforts to refine the audio quality.

Capturing the Essence of Innovation

Despite these technical challenges, the heart of the event—capturing the students’ pitches—was a resounding success.

Each participant brought a unique story and an infectious enthusiasm for their ventures, from tech startups to social enterprises.

Their energy translated well on camera, ensuring that the final product would resonate with viewers and effectively convey the spirit of innovation that defines the Beantown Throwdown.

Looking Ahead

Filming the Beantown Throwdown was both challenging and rewarding, providing us with opportunities to adapt and innovate on the fly, much like the contestants themselves.

These experiences reinforce our commitment to producing high-quality video content under any circumstances.

We look forward to future collaborations with the MIT Enterprise Forum and to capturing more stories of innovation and entrepreneurship.