Web Video: A Quiz

Why quality video matters  The best way to conceive of your company’s web address is precisely that.  An address.  An address, that in many instances is visited by potential clients, employees or partners more frequently than your company’s actual physical address.

Bearing this in mind, what is the best experience a person can have visiting your actual company?  Is it:

A)   They walk in the front door only to be greeted by an empty reception desk with a lonely placard on it that explains what you do?  Granted the placard also includes a helpful map of the building indicating where they might find the people that actually do these things.  Not to mention the exit.

B)   Or they walk in the front door to be greeted by a noticeably average, slightly frumpily dressed receptionist.  O, he or she doesn’t seem like a bad person, but they also don’t seem particularly interested in being there.  They have the information you need or know where to find it but frankly listening to them provide it is like listening to rain on a Sunday morning, sleep inducing (except not quite as pleasant).   Honestly, you have to ask them twice, so you can remember to stay awake for the full answer.

C)   Or they walk in the front door to be greeted by an extremely charismatic, clever and funny person, whose the type of person that they’d be happy to spend the entire afternoon with, indeed, they might even want to marry (assuming they are not previously involved).  And yes, they have the information. Obviously.

It’s not a trick question.  Though it is a bit of obvious metaphor (given the title of the article).  Yes, this is video on your website.  But this is also video on your email signature.  This is video that you send to a client.  This is video you stream on social media.  This is video you put on TV (or you should be proud to do so).   A) Is, of course, No video. B) Average video.   C) Exceptional video.

Obviously you want exceptional video.  It’s disproportionately impactful.  And it keeps making the impact.  Unlike even receptionist C) in the above metaphor it never has a bad day.  And it can close sales better than your entire sales team (or help them closes sales).  Or convince a potential employee that your company is definitely “da bomb.”  Because it’s the perfect pitch.  Every. Time.   Why is it the perfect pitch? Because people are entertained watching it.  They’re engaged.  They’re paying attention.

How do you make engaging video?  You need a plan.  Concept is the most important thing.  It’s the seed of the plant.  If the concept is bad you’re growing a weed.  Then you need a little time to Scripting matters!put it together.  If you ask a master carpenter to build a desk in an hour, unfortunately, sadly, you aren’t getting master carpentry, however much a genius he or she is.   This is time before but also time on set.   The more visual your storytelling, the more set ups or the more elaborate the set ups, and the more time it will take.  And not infrequently, the more people, props, sets and so forth.  And the right people.

Skillman Video Group, LLC is maximized to give you the highest ROI.  You aren’t paying exorbitant Ad Agency fees but you are still able to get the creative you would at an Ad agency.  So, dynamic video may, in some instances, cost a little more.  At Skillman, much more of that money is going to the video and on the screen.  Much more is going toward creating the best possible image of your company, service or product.  And the most important of all is that the marketing team at Skillman Video Group can help clients create an ongoing content strategy that will keep viewers/customers coming back for more.  Our video SEO services include social media marketing, YouTube marketing and data tracking so you can receive the most up-to-date information possible.  SVG truly offers a full service, “all-in-one” video marketing solution.

And the truth is, your company can’t afford to have a receptionist like receptionist B). Skillman Video Group LLC is a Boston video production company. Call us anytime at 800-784-0140.