Best 3 Video Editing Programs

Besides talent with cinematography, a Boston video production company needs to be able to do quality editing as well. This entails picking a standard editing software that all editors of a company will use to ensure teamwork and compatibility. Here are three great editing programs Skillman Video Group recommends. Keep in mind that each program may be better suited for different video production companies than the other programs.

Premiere Pro

This program has exploded in popularity in recent years thanks to its prevalence among the YouTube marketing community. Many famous YouTubers rely on this program because of its affordability and power. Premiere Pro is a great stand-alone program, but is exponentially more useful when acquired through the Adobe Suite subscription package, which includes other programs like Photoshop and After Effects. These programs combined into one seamless package make for professional-grade software that can stay on par with any video production and video marketing company. Through an intuitive interface, a user can switch between essential features like color correction, audio mixing, chroma key filters and more just by clicking a tab.

Final Cut Pro 

This has been the chosen program for so many smash-hit indie films over the past few years because of its user-friendly interface and small learning curve. Don’t be fooled- this is a powerful program, with great rendering speeds and features. It just happens to be exclusive to Mac users, so definitely consider this point when deciding what your office will regularly use. It also has a simple system for exporting files, offering video compression in-program that is optimized for YouTube and Vimeo playback.

Sony Movie Studio

This is another very affordable program (in the same price ballpark as Premiere Pro). It is exclusive to PC users, so keep this in mind. The interface is actually noticeably similar to Premiere, so it is just as easy to learn. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, there is a beefed-up version called Sony Vegas, which comes with an overwhelming amount of features that give it a professional-grade ranking. However, the Vegas version is much more expensive, but for justified reasons with its premium audio engineering program and even lighting software. The audio program functions separately but can be conveniently interwoven with the video editing program.

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