The Benefits Of Videos For Online Merchants

woman watching Videos For Online Merchants on her smartphone

Traditionally, online retailers showcased their products to prospective buyers using pictures and sales copy.

While this method may be effective for most products, for some consumers, like those eyeing apparel, photographs and product descriptions are sometimes insufficient.

In such cases, these consumers want a better way to see how a particular product looks or even performs before making the final purchase.

It is for this reason that some online shoppers feel shortchanged once they have received their orders.

Product Videos

In order to overcome this inherent challenge in online selling, we recommend the use of product videos, which can promote both transparency and customer satisfaction.

Say, for example, that you are selling clothes online. You can use product videos to showcase your clothes in such a way that they are depicted in a more honest way, in terms of look and fit.

However, it is not only the customers who benefit from viewing product videos before making a final purchase.

Online retailers who have integrated the use of videos into their overall product merchandising strategy report increases in conversion and a marked decrease in customer returns.

Apart from these direct benefits, utilizing videos for merchandising purposes also benefits an online merchant in the fields of SEO and social media marketing.

If you are thinking of using videos for your online shop, here are a few important considerations to keep in mind:

Tips for Production

Creating product videos becomes a more seamless experience if you allocate a dedicated space for production purposes.

This will also allow you to save time in the production process by having all the gear you need housed in one place.

Another useful hack you can use is to prepare in advance.

Apart from preparing the tools you’ll be needing on production day, you can streamline the production process by making sure that the merchandise you’re trying to make a video for is already on hand.

If you are working with models, make sure that you communicate with them clearly in order to achieve your desired results. Remember, you can only achieve so much in post-production.

Monitor Analytics

Once your product video has been published, it is worthwhile to use the appropriate tools to take a peek at the viewing behavior of website visitors.

This will allow you to see what works and what does not and make the necessary tweaks for your next videos.

Although viewership numbers may be considered by themselves as a form of reward for your effort, video analytics should always put a premium on them.