Tips to better your next video project

We’ve all seen attempts at videos that come up unspeakably short. Our video producers here at Skillman Video Group have a few tips that will help ensure a certain level of quality that’ll make sure your next in-house video project is an asset to your company.


Holding a camera steady is an art. Professionals will use any number of tools to help minimize shake when moving a camera. Even with the right equipment, it takes someone with steady hands and steady feet. The simple solution is use a tripod. 90% of what you want to accomplish can be done just like that. Even when you do need to physically move the camera, using the tripod as a counter weight can help keep things smooth and steady.


Three point lighting diagram

The standard simple lighting set up is called ‘three point lighting.’ There is the key light, which is the primary light source. Next comes the fill light, which helps reduce the contrast by lightening the shadows created by the key light. It’s very important to not let the fill light be so strong that it gets rid of the shadows altogether. Finally, there is the edge light. Its job is to highlight the edge of the subject and make them separate from the background.

Three point lighting example

Now there are two areas that’ll have to be attended to: the highlights, and the shadows. Ideally none of your image will be 100% dark or 100% light.  That way they’ll retain detail and texture.

Lastly, when choosing between filming in a dark environment or a light one, choose the light. Your camera most likely will adjust the gain and expose the image automatically. In a light environment it’ll turn down the gain and you’ll be fine. In a dark environment it will turn up the gain and your footage will be filled with ugly, distracting, digital grain.

Rule of Thirds

Rule of thirds

This is a simple rule of thumb for when you’re framing your subject.  Divide your image into vertical thirds and horizontal thirds. Your subject should be on these lines. For example, your subject should be on the right third line, their eyes should be on the top third, and they should be looking to camera left. This provides, what we call “speaking space” in front of them. This rule can be used at any distance from the camera, and is always a good place to start.

Our video producers here at Skillman Video Group wish you the best of luck with your project. If you’re also planning on doing the editing, be sure to check out our post-production guide.

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