Casting Call for Time Payment’s 3 Part Internet Commercial Series!

Yesterday Skillman Video Group hosted a casting call in order to find an actor for a commercial we’re working on for a client, Time Payment. The casting call process consists of sending out the notice to various local actors who might be interested in auditioning for the part, then the conducting of auditions takes place, then we need to decide upon the right actor for the job. About 25 actors showed up at the designated studio space with the pre-written script in hand. We set up a video camera and a monitor in a studio and one by one the auditions rolled out. Upon entering the studio room, each actor was instructed as to the tone, style, and other specifics that we sought, and we then let them go for it.

casting 2

Most actors went through the script two times.  The first time provided us an understanding of their general acting demeanor and style. We then took a moment to critique and redirect them toward the slight nuances we were looking for. The second time they attempted to augment their “read” of the script to better suit our vision. After that, we decided if that was all we needed from them, or if we were still interested but wanted to further augment their style, in which case they might try it a third time.


The actors were all very happy to try again and again, and after a few hours of the auditions we reviewed the recorded tapes of the auditions. We were able to narrow the candidates down to four potential actors.


A casting call is an important process when making a commercial because so much of the eventual video hinges on the demeanor, style, tone, and look of the actor. We wanted to make sure we found just the right actor for the job. Knowing your audience and your market segment is an important piece of the marketing process. For this specific client, they knew their market segment and they wanted to make sure that they found someone who best reflected their client base.


Now that an actor has been decided upon, it’s time to move on to the second phase, beginning to prepare the actor and the crew to bring this vision to life. Check back soon for more updates on this  project!  Skillman Video Group is a Boston Video Production Company. Call us anytime at 800-784-0140.