Casting for a Professional Video Production

Casting Call SlateCasting plays an intricate role in any video production of all varieties from marketing initiatives to public service announcements. As a Boston based professional production company, Skillman Video Group understands that the face of a video matters just as much as the content. Choosing the right actor to convey a message onscreen can mean the difference between a successful video and an incoherent mess that fails to reach an audience in any way.

I Heart ActingCasting will almost always be a complicated decision for any role even if the part requires minimal screen time. Using the wrong actor will end up rendering your video useless. The art of casting comes down to having the ability to recognize when and when not an actor will appeal to a general audience. Several factors can make or break an actor’s performance such as personal appearance, posture, tonality, and inflection. The chosen actor should depend heavily on the tone of the content in the video. For example, if the video contains important thoughtful information, the actor should have a serious demeanor with sensitive eyes and a graceful presence. However, if the video is meant to be humorous and entertain the audience, the actor will have a more playful persona on screen.

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