Corporate Videos Series #1: ‘Internal’ Co. Videos

Internal Company Videos Series

With a company’s marketing being a major source of customer retention, video marketing has become unmatched in importance. Meanwhile, memos and emails are still the norm for internal company communication, but that is quickly changing. Many companies are turning to internal company videos to quickly reach all employees from the CEO to the mailroom.

Internal Company videos are a useful and a very cost effective way to broadcast a message across to a specific number of people. Costs are kept low because it is not a video meant for mass audiences. SVG can offer excellent service for these internal videos because we are capable of dispatching micro-crews to create time-efficient and cost-permitting videos.

For instance, say a CEO wanted to demonstrate a changing company aspect to their employees. This internal video, with the help of Skillman Video Group, would allow the CEO to reach his audience without worrying about production costs or time limits; while we take care of what we do best: the Video Production.

SVG’s turnaround time is excellent. In other words, say a CEO needed a video tomorrow morning, SVG has the capability to have a micro-crew ready for a shoot ASAP, which can come in handy for CEOs with time-sensitive information!

SVG can assist in all kinds of video production. This is yet another innovative way companies can use SVG video as a means to communicate internally anywhere throughout their company.