Aesthetically Pleasing: Using two cameras to create a dynamic video

Shooting with the Canon 7D and the Sony NXCAM

To get the kind of quality videos that Skillman Video Group provides its clients, using high end equipment is a must and using it effectively is essential.  For most videos, SVG shoots with two high definition cameras, the Canon 7D and the Sony NXCAM.  The combination of shooting with two cameras gives a dynamic and creative aesthetic to the videos.  The 7D’s “film” look provides rich colors and complements the Sony’s beautiful picture quality when cutting between both formats.  Last week’s shoot for our recurring client, Hebrew at the Center, was one of these instances where both cameras were used.  Using the 7D for the close up shot softened the focus, creating a visually appealing and flattering look for this online lecture series.

The look and feel of the videos can vary with their content and style.  Based on the type of video marketing the client needs, the creative team at SVG will determine how the video should look and what the viewing audience can take away from it.  Whether it’s a videomercial, a marketing video, a product video, or anything in between, Skillman Video Group will successfully mesh all of the attributes necessary to create the perfect video to suit your needs.