Corporate Video Shoot for Non-Profit Organization

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On Friday, August 18, Skillman Video Group shot at the home of Richard Colbath-Hess, a board member and founder from the Palestine Advocacy Project. This nonprofit, all-volunteer organization is dedicated to raising awareness for the conflict taking place between the state of Palestine and Israel. For the last few months, SVG, a Boston video production company, has been helping the organization distinguish its brand by redesigning its website, following its growing social media presence, and promoting a number of the organization’s PSAs. When a follower finds a company through social media, they are then able to view their video content in order to get to like and trust the company’s message. The goals that SVG has projected through our guaranteed metrics services is a significant increase in PAP’s platforms. They include:

  • An increase in Twitter followers by 12,000.
  • An increase in Facebook followers by 42,000.
  • Achieving a total social reach on Facebook and Twitter impressions by 900,000.
  • All five videos on their YouTube channel must achieve a collective 750,000 views.

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Corporate Video Shoot for Non-Profit Organization 2

The shoot was done in order to film a series of interview videos, which reflect the personal story of Colbath-Hess, and what inspired him to start the organization. This is an effective form of connecting with an audience, because if a company wants to gain momentum, and establish a meaningful relationship with its audience, the people must know them, like them, and trust them. It is imperative for them to know the origins, purpose of, and meaning behind the organization or business. This is how to truly strike an impactful and long-lasting relationship between businesses.

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The shoot was relatively simple, which was partially due to the personal and intimate setting. A Sony FS7 camera was used to film the interview, as were a number of LED lights. In order to even out the brightness, a sheet of diffusion paper was hung in front of the fill light. Audio was recorded through a shotgun microphone and a lavaliere microphone attached to his clothing. Albeit the video’s casual style, it was imperative to maintain a professional aesthetic, which meant ensuring that the talent was well lit and well heard.

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The talking points of the videos included the history of Colbath-Hess’ family, his motivation for establishing a non-profit, and his inspiration for advocating for the human rights issue taking place in the Middle East. By explaining such meaning and personal concepts, PAP is able to communicate a resonant story, therefore encouraging viewers to contribute to the cause, which is an effective marketing strategy. One of SVG’s most intrinsic objectives is to help clients build their brand. By touching upon the more personal aspects of a business, and by visually depicting the organization’s founder, a meaningful campaign can be carried out. This is why video is such an impactful medium, as it allows for stories to be told to a broad audience while at the same time promoting an organization’s message. Like any company, non-profits can reap the same benefits from marketing through video.

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