Creating 7 Employee Awards Videos

Award videos

L.E.K. Consulting is a global management consulting firm – one of the largest in the world – and we are proud to be their video production partner since 2016. They host an internal yearly awards show where they award employees and departments for their important work. The awards show is meant to recognize their office case teams and the initiatives they created for their clients- the most effective three or four cases of each region of L.E.K. were selected for recognition. Due to the pandemic, their 2022 conference was the first live Iain Evans’ award show in 2 years. L.E.K. reached out for our help in creating videos for the conference.

Moulding the Process to the Client’s Needs

While we usually go in-depth with our client by discovering the end product and strategizing their key messages, L.E.K. Consulting already had a clear idea for what they wanted their end product to be.

Our job was to plan and execute videos with several L.E.K. employees from around the globe. They would shoot footage of themselves, while adhering to uniform standards, and then we assembled their reports together into seven different videos. This was a particular challenge as we had to create a consistent look between interviews shot under varying circumstances.

award videos

Apart from the look of the videos, we had to make the framework that these separate video reports could hang on. This included adding footage to help convey their message, and have charts/visual representations of the complex topics that the speakers were discussing. We were able to work on tight deadlines by establishing clear communication, as there were a lot of moving parts, and a lot of variables that come with a wide range of participants all recording themselves.

We had an outline from the very start, but a big part of the process was having necessary conversations about the video structure and length. When we needed to cut down the length of the video, we had to discuss who’s speaking segments we had to trim down.

Effectively Communicating Expectations

In order to ensure that the brand standards for the 7 different videos were consistent, we spent a lot of time working on one of the videos so that all the graphics and title cards were up to L.E.K.’s standard.

Often times when working with clients, we help them build consistent brand standards for their videos, so that all their videos can have a consistent, recognizable look associated with their company. Laying down brand standards is getting down to the nitty gritty details, like what font to use for all title cards, and what color palettes are utilized for graphics.

Building this foundation is key for any business, and at Skillman Video Group, we can help build your business’s video brand standards.

award video

Making sure everyone was up to speed on multiple time zones was something that we had to keep track of. We made sure that all tasks and delegation was communicated between parties so that we kept everyone transparent throughout the process. Keeping everyone on track was important, but how we handled this project was especially important, given the confidential nature of Consulting companies’ work.

Preserving their standard of secrecy for L.E.K.’s clients and internal affairs was a priority for insuring their high standard remain intact. This involved carefully combing through the edits we produced to make sure there were no tongue-slips and otherwise unintentionally revealing information by the speakers.

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