Video Content Strategy for Brand Building

A great way to grow both your business and your brand is by using video. We, Boston video production agency Skillman Video Group, want you to be in control of your narrative. Every piece of video content you create is saying something about your brand. Below are some ideas on where to begin and how you should be thinking about building out your video content strategy. 

First is the hub and spoke model. Picture a wheel, like a wagon wheel. In the center of the hub of that wheel is the brand’s video. That brand video has to answer three simple questions: 

  1. Who are you? 
  2. What problem do you solve? 
  3. Why should I (your audience) care? 

The sky’s the limit as far as additional content that can be created to support that brand narrative.

The Explainer Video

The first example to get your wheels turning is to start with an explainer video. This helps build understanding about your product in a fun and different way. 

Client Testimonials

Another idea that will really get you some great results are client testimonials. These can build trust with your prospects better than a lot of other content. Perhaps you really want to create a thought leadership video because you want to convince or convey your expertise. 

Live Events

Additionally, no matter the industry you are in, live events are also a great way to get a lot of content. It also can help demonstrate your expertise in any given area if you’re giving a talk. But, if you are sponsoring an event, that certainly sets the tone as you being an industry leader in whatever industry you happen to be in.

Product Videos

Another idea is creating product videos. They could be anything from how-to videos, demo videos, social media videos, to even user generated content. 

Overall, we want you to start thinking critically about why you are building your video, your video content strategy, and your why behind it. Answering some of these questions and really understanding where these videos are going to be played and how they’re going to be used helps build your brand using video. It does require some thought; it’s not just throwing a bunch of things on the wall and hoping they stick. Taking the time to do necessary soul searching and strategizing will grant you the best results.

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How to Build Your Video Content Strategy: