Custom Motion Graphics for Video Marketing!

Photo for motion graphics blogYou have your b-roll, interviews, music, and you know your project’s story. What more can you do to make your video productions stand out? How about custom motion graphics!

Motion graphics, whether they are generated through After Effects, Apple’s Motion, Cinema 4D, or another graphic editing program, make your projects look professional, that little extra that will wow your audience. Animated image and text adds another layer of professionalism to your marketing video, event video, or web video. While video editing lets you choose how your story is told, graphics are like the sprinkles on top.

Following a company’s style guide allows graphics to brand your video with visual panache. An animated logo for the opening and closer can grab your audience’s attention from the start. And with lower thirds that follow the theme and feel of the opening and closer, your videos will be unique crowd pleasers. A corporate video could feel lackluster if it’s cut and dry, but with graphics, your video comes alive!

Here at Skillman Video Group, we have the ability to produce dazzling motion graphics that your intended audience will take notice of and appreciate. Adding in motion graphics helps SVG take your concept to content even further!

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