Motion Graphics in Video Marketing

Motion GraphicWhen we normally think of motion graphics we think of big cinematic movies not marketing videos, but motion graphics have a big role in video marketing. The term “motion graphics video” is often used to describe a wide range of digital storytelling techniques that combines animation, infographic elements, photography, live action video footage, 3D, typography, sound effects and narration.  All these different types of motion graphics are meant to enhance or brand your video, and it is obvious that branding is an important part of a video marketing. You clearly want to have your audience know that the video they are watching is yours, and what a better way than motion graphics.

When you are thinking of a good way to brand your video, you should think of having motion graphics that will separate your video from the rest. Here is my advice when you start thinking of a video marketing campaign. Motion graphics should have the same logo stings, titles and colors. Your logo stings, which are your intro and outro, should be less than 5 seconds. There is no need to have a long logo sting, all you want to do is let them know its your video. The titles and colors should remain consistent which means lower thirds stay the same in every video.

At Skillman Video Group LLC, a Boston production company, we strive to create high quality marketing videos, which include motion graphics. Not only can our professional videographers help you create a video that will stand out, but our skilled video editors we can also brand your video using the latest in graphics and design. Take a look at our SVG Portfolio and see the motion graphic and animation work we have done for our client’s videos. You might find inspiration for your very own marketing videos.  Skillman Video Group LLC is a Boston video production company. Call us anytime at 800-784-0140