Do Non-Profits need professional marketing videos? SVG’s Al Huda shoot 2012!

Just like any business, non-profits must raise money, attract new members, and tell the story of who they are and what they do. The Al Huda Society of Chelsea, MA was no exception. After deciding on video, they fist turned to Skillman Video Group in 2011, and again in 2012. Their needs and SVG’s services are a perfect match:

1-They needed to raise nearly $700,000 for the construction of their new community center.
(solution) Their SVG produced video presents their community, its vision, and their new facility with such a quality of professionalism, that viewers can not only see the new center for themselves, but also get a sense of the community and its leaders.

2-They needed help with their messaging – How do we want to appear to the larger community? What do we want to say about ourselves?
(solution) First SVG writers helped them identify their message. Often the objectivity of an outside person helps an organization piece their spoken and unspoken thoughts together. And then, SVG writers prepared a clear script crafted for video. This is exactly how the professional’s at SVG release the visual power of video, with the verbal power of words in order to reveal who you are and what you do.

3-They needed their video to be written, shot, edited, and on line — in one week!
(solution) Professional experience and skills automatically prioritize steps, concentrate skills, optimize time, and get – things – done! Volunteers are wonderful. Who could live without them? But they seldom are able to take on the pressures of speed, clear verbal exposition, and specialized treatment of lighting, sound, and editing, which are available through the professionals at SVG.